Fairy Houses Popping Up in San Francisco

“Turns out, Golden Gate Park isn’t the only desirable place to live if you’re a teeny tiny someone. Bernal Heights has become the latest hot-spot for the new fairy houses that have been springing up in San Francisco this year.
As Bernalwood notes, the neighborhood has spotted a few teeny tiny tree houses of their own in recent days. They’re as small as the tree houses found in Golden Gate Park, although, we noticed the architecture takes on a more quirky bohemian appearance, reflective of the human-sized houses you find in Bernal Heights.…”

Article in SFWeekly by Erin Sherbert, photo: Badass Bernalwood Press

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3 Responses to Fairy Houses Popping Up in San Francisco

  1. Anonymous says:

    to me, indicates there is hope yet for this world, when such whimsy can be initiated/allow to "survive"…

  2. Kevin says:

    Reminds me of Thai spirit houses, which are miniature houses customarily built outside human dwellings to attract friendly spirits. It's nice to see that animism is also alive and well in the west.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fairy houses have been built on Monhegan Island, Maine for years. They are built primarily out of natural things found in the forest: sticks, bark, rocks, dried grass, pine needles and any other suitable item.

    If a penny is placed at the front door and is gone upon your return, that then means a fairy really does live there. It is a whimsical and magical place; this has been a tradition for years and years………………

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