David Shipway's Homemade Apple Press

David is a master builder living on an island in British Columbia. His work was featured in Builders of the Pacific Coast, and here is his description of an apple press he just built:

Right now I’m building another apple press since there’s a good crop on more trees around the island this year. The last one I built back in ’76, damn near the first machine I ever made, and it made it through all those years and another zillion gallons of juice. This new one is same old three-legger, but slightly larger and with more foodsafe materials, so it should be at least a 50 year workhorse around somebody’s homestead:

Today I drilled, rolled and riveted four 304 stainless bands for the barrel hoops, which will have rock maple staves thanks to a woodworker buddy from Ontario.

To turn the pre-drilled 14 guage flat stock into perfect circles that I could lap and rivet with some degree of accuracy, I had to google “ring roller” and then figure out how to make one out of scrap wood! Living on a small island is all about instant DIY!”

Gorilla tape on the drive roller worked like a charm!

Finished barrels

3 Responses to David Shipway's Homemade Apple Press

  1. Anonymous says:

    beautiful, looks like art.

    maybe when it is in operation, would there be a chance of a short video so we can enjoy the "workings"?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Would like to make one like this David, you wouldn't happen to have any working plans for your design would you. Great looking unit!

  3. David impressive work! Could you tell me how you cut and finished the ends of your 14 guage barrel hoops?

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