A Bunch of Misc. On A Warm Blue-Sky Sunny Monday

Television of Late

Preceding the big game between the 49ers and Seahawks last week, a talentless babe sang an insipid song that ended with “…because the NFL rocks on NBC.” Barf. NBC piled on layers of shtick that made the game seem more showbiz than football.

Newsroom: the last 2 episodes were brilliant (“Election Night #1,” “Election Night #2). Lightning fast dialogue.

Woodworkers tool catalog:


North House Folk School is a wonderful place that offers a huge range of classes in traditional crafts. I recommend getting their catalog: https://www.northhouse.org/

Outdoors Over an inch of rain a few days ago. The garden is loving it. Unusual this time of year. Tom Stienstra, SF Chronicle outdoors writer, says that the Ohlone (San Francisco’s native tribe) predicted a big winter when:

a) acorns dropped early

b) bears grew shiny winter coast early, and both things have happened this year. Here’s hoping…

Autumnal Equinox yesterday Autumn elsewhere is summer here in NorCal. It’s warm today, and nice feeling from moisture in the ground left by the rains.

2 Responses to A Bunch of Misc. On A Warm Blue-Sky Sunny Monday

  1. Popville says:

    Gorgeous workbench …. drool! And Saturday's rain was sublime. Almost an inch here in the East San Jose foothills. I too hope for heavy weather this winter. Last season was much too dry

  2. bayrider says:

    The NFL broadcasts look like giant video games to me, haven't payed much attention for years.

    We are having a banner acorn year, the ground at our place is carpeted with them so that every footstep crunches a half dozen. And the trees are still very heavy with them. We had closer to two inches here in Shasta county, big thunderstorms with heavy downpours. This area is so dried out and dusty by Sept that it felt miraculous.

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