Monday Daily Flash #3 -- (One of the) World's Worst Sentence(s)/Not Mainstream

From Sunday’s New York Times, “Open Book” by John Williams:

Delightful or Disastrous?

The Economist’s Prospero blog has suggested that some of the world’s worst sentences appear in Philip Mirowski’s new book, “Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste.” One offender: “The nostrum of ‘regulation’ drags with it a raft of unexamined impediments concerning the nature of markets, a dichotomy between markets and governmentality, and a muddle over intentionality, voluntarism and spontaneity that promulgates the neoliberal creed at a subconscious level.” On the flip side, the London-based Times Higher Education deemed the book a “delightful bramble,” though the author’s “own precise vantage point is deliberately impossible to discern.”


“I don’t think I’m mainstream. I think what I am is lots and lots of different cults. And when you get lots and lots of small groups who like you a lot, they add up to a big group without ever actually becoming mainstream.” — Neil Gaiman, describing his fan base to The Guardian

3 Responses to Monday Daily Flash #3 -- (One of the) World's Worst Sentence(s)/Not Mainstream

  1. Anonymous says:

    well, haven't read the book, but just from the paragraph up above, I would suggest the author needs (desperately) some verbal Imodium.

  2. Anonymous says:

    just saying,

    when an author writes like above/persons speaks like, it seems to me they don't have the knowledge/technical skills / basic understandings to "just say things".

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here is a quote by Leonardo da Vinci "I possess so many words in my native language that I ought rather to complain of not understanding things than of lacking for words to express my thoughts properly"

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