Monday Daily Flash #2 -- Bird Punks

In the last month, 3-4 young scrub jays have showed up in the garden. We’ve taken to throwing them bits of cracked corn on the ground. Whereas the grownups are very wary and circumspect, these punks squawk their heads off raucously when we go out to feed the chickens. Such noive! (I seem to remember a comment from one of the old Whole Earth publications about blue jays sounding like creaking door hinges.)

 Yesterday I sat still in a chair and got this guy to come to within a few feet. He would eat a bit of corn, then grab another piece, put it down, dig a hole, and bury it. THEN — he would cover the hole with a leaf or twig. How he’s going to remember where he buried all this loot is beyond me.

4 Responses to Monday Daily Flash #2 -- Bird Punks

  1. Anonymous says:

    how he will remember where he buried his loot? — well he may not get the chance..I have noticed in our backyard, the magpies are VERY sharp about watching when another bird or squirrel buries something, then off the magpie goes and digs it up.

  2. gary green says:

    lloyd, don't feed those little basters, they will start tap on your windows to be fead ,at lease that what happen to me. little baster start at sun rise!!!! .gary

  3. Anonymous says:

    gary green…for they will.

    I live much further north, we have blue jays

    gosh are they smart

    at first it was just if we were outside and the feeder was empty…they would chirp at us till we fed them

    then, if they could see us through the window

    then it came to pass, even if they could hear us inside, not only would they chirp, they would tap on the wood siding..

    all in all, it was pretty cute, and quite smart

  4. Lew says:

    Lloyd, Check out Judith Lowry"s book: "The Landscaping Ideas of Jays: A Natural History of the Backyard Restoration Garden"

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