6 Responses to Fold-Up Car Top Camper Tents

  1. Anonymous says:

    okay, can someone tell me, what really is the point of having the tents up on top of the Truck/Car/Van?

    have seen many of these things, and keep wondering why they aren't just set on the ground. Seems to me up there …
    more exposed to wind
    more exposed to elements
    a pain in the acc to put up


  2. Anonymous says:


    am thinking any predator which is a concern (bear/cougar/etc) wouldn't have much trouble getting up there to those tasty mortals…

  3. fear of bugs & rain puddles

  4. Lloyd Kahn says:

    -up off ground (no snakes, spiders etc. in desert)
    -quick setup time. When you unfold it, tent pops up, mattress, sheets, pillow in place
    -good view. I used to park mine looking out at the ocean in Mexico
    -clean, airy
    -beats sleeping in back of pickup truck
    For me, it was the best way to camp in 12 years of (off-and-on) desert travel.

  5. Want to do battle with an African Hyena in the middle of the night?
    Get one

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