Budget Makeover of LA Houseboat

“A water-view home with a patch of grass just didn’t float Misty Tosh’s boat, but when the television producer came upon a 1980s three-story houseboat in Marina del Rey, she dove right in.

   ‘It was a giant hunk of slapped-together junk — dark and dank, chopped up into tiny rooms with ladders between the floors,’ said Tosh, who bought it two years ago. ‘People thought I was nuts, but I saw the potential.’

   Sure, remodeling a houseboat has its own challenges, but Tosh’s recently completed renovation is buoyed by space-saving solutions and decorative touches that could easily jump from ship to shore, translating well for small apartments and larger houses alike.…”

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2 Responses to Budget Makeover of LA Houseboat

  1. Paul says:

    Looks stunning now!

  2. Nice neighbourhood. I used to love going down to Marina Del Rey to look at the boats and have a meal on shore. Little did I know then that I too would live on the water. – Margy

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