Beijing Orders Demolition of Rooftop Art

“BEIJING — In a city brimming with look-at-me architecture, the sprawling addition that Zhang Biqing, a health care magnate, built atop his 26th-floor apartment is a showstopper.

   Constructed with ersatz boulders, crisscrossed by trellises and walkways and dotted with the occasional shrub, the two-story aerie resembles the idealized mountains depicted in classical Chinese paintings — except the requisite lonely monk of yore has been replaced by a flashy karaoke parlor.

The entire 8,000-square-foot addition, as it turns out, is illegal. On Monday, The Beijing Morning Post featured a front-page photograph of Mr. Zhang’s garish rooftop expansion, along with disturbing accounts of how the well-connected entrepreneur blithely ignored his neighbors’ complaints during the six years he spent creating his craggy villa atop a luxury gated complex in western Beijing.…”

From The New York Times here

Photo: Luo Xiaoguang/Xinhua, via Associated Press

One Response to Beijing Orders Demolition of Rooftop Art

  1. Anonymous says:

    uh hmmm…..

    to my mind this is way past roof top art….in fact, from a distance, as the picture is taken, it rather looks like a pile of "something"…

    not arguing it is likely quite nifty for the fellow living there, with all its ins and outs, but myself does not consider it any sort of rooftop eye candy…

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