BC Floathouse Inspired by Tiny Homes

“Good Afternoon!

Tiny Homes was amazing and inspired us to downsize and simplify life.
This 425sq ft floathouse sits on an 825 sq ft float.
It is our primary residence and is permanently moored in Tofino BC on the Tofino Whaling Wharf.

   It is an extensively renovated Oyster Shack from the 1980’s and has served as a residence since that time.
Children have been raised in this tiny floating home over the years and it had a back room added on.   My wife, Kim, and I have had the house for 2 years now.
It is a simple floating life.

   The house has a loft bedroom, attic storage, a nice cozy front porch, laundry facilities and a surf shack out back.
It’s a very functional space and has lots of storage although we’re using less storage everyday as we sort life out.…


Cam Shaw

Tofino, BC”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    it looks beautiful. and if I get more summers like this one, the idea would have more and more attraction to me. Terrible season for lawn/garden/flower bed weeds. Think some S.O.B. has been planting them at night. As I look at that lovely picture / cozy house – the VERY first thing which popped into my mind was "NO WEEDING"…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Smoke more weed.Plant the Wild Weed.No worry.

  3. Anonymous says:



    Mike W


  4. Anonymous says:

    Cool! I've got too much stuff/crap to use a place like that as my primary residence but it looks great to me as a get away. Maybe one day I'll de-clutter but for now I need it all 🙂 It must be just over 20ft to a side for the interior. That is a good size I reckon. Nice work!

    Cheers from Brisbane Australia!


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