26-Year Old UK Carpenter Inspired by Shelter


I have just completed a structure that has greatly been inspired by the books you produce. I am a 26 year old carpenter/ designer from the UK and work using traditional techniques and local sustainable materials.

   I just thought I would share my creation with you, the Peach House was commissioned by a member of the Royal family and I was given free reign with the design and build, which was a very rare but amazing experience.

   My best friend Ben Collyns does the thatching, we work together so he helps with the carpentry and I labour on the thatching. We use water reed and combed wheat, the water reed is hand cut!

   More of my designs and creations can be seen on my website www.jonnybriggsjoinery.co.uk.

   I could not have achieved a structure that I am proud of without Shelter and Shelter 2, and Builders of the Pacific Coast. They gave me the confidence to experiment, not be tied by conformity and to think.

  Thank You,

  Jonny Briggs”

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