Trip North Along The Coast

I took off Tuesday in my car (Honda Fit, such a pleasure to drive) heading north along the coast. Overcast day, the colors best then (blue-sky sunny days wash out the color). Visual treat as i headed along the country roads, subtle colors, summer gold of the hills, green patches where there’s a bit of moisture; bales of hay, sheep grazing.

  Gotta admit, I like driving (Calif. boy, started at age 14). With Sirius radio. Away from office and phones, mind can wander.

  Turned on Outlaw Country for truckdrivin music — bingo! The Meat Purveyors singing “Burr Under My Saddle,” all the reasons she’s (they’re) dumping this guy… next song, “Zip-i-dee-doo-dah,” — “wonderful feeling, wonderful day.” Upbeat. The Coasters doing fabulous version of “Zing Went the

Strings of My Heart.”

Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart by The Coasters on Grooveshark This all put me in my best polyanna mode. Glass half full. Acc-en-chu-ate the positive. Can’t help it, optimism’s part of my m.o.

   There must have been 100 boats out along the coast. The salmon are back in a big way. They’re fat and large. Best in a dozen years. Guys catching them out of kayaks. Good news in this bad-news-filled world. The ocean here is healthy.

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  1. Martin says:

    Hi Lloyd –

    I haven't been down your way for quite awhile – several years now, I reckon – but next to the run of Hwy 1 through Big Sur – back before it was 'fixed' – the drive along the Lost Coast from Leggett on down to Bodega Bay is just about my favorite drive.

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