Tiny Tea House on Wheels

“The “Tea Room” with shoji screens, (3) tatami mats, a sunken tea warming hearth, Japanese style tub, two pull out drawers for storage under the raised floor, a “guest” entry door, an honoring alcove, and a traditional tea serving chest.
We choose to use black walnut accent wood around the guest entry door, loft edge trim, alcove slabs and ladder catch. This allowed us to express the stark contrast against the knotty pine walls.…”

From Oregon Cottage Company here.

4 Responses to Tiny Tea House on Wheels

  1. pi says:

    there's another tiny mobile tea house that offers free tea all over the country. edna lu is a converted small bus and guisepi is her driver and tea preparer. they're on tour presently.


    check it out~

  2. Aldene says:

    A beautiful home. I think as people get more creative with the aesthetic component of tiny house living the movement will grow. I am wondering if Jay Schafer and the folks that ended up running Tumbleweed Homes have ever considered developing buildable plans for some of these alternative designs (including various roof types) and offering the creators a royalty on sales.

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