5 Responses to Tiny Home in Tropics

  1. James says:

    Give us more info on this beautiful home, please!

  2. This is a bungalow at the Ting Rai Bay Resort in Thailand. I found it by googling (or using Tin Eye, another search the source resource) the image, a good way to find uncredited photo sources.


  3. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Island Woman, Good sleuthing!

  4. marian says:

    What a big surprise gave us Island Woman MJ don't you think Lloyd? Tell me now, that means all your books are based on information and photos that you get from internet? I thought that was all your creation and or imagination but now I see it's not. This Tiny house in Tropics that you publish as a house it's not! According to this website: http://www.tingrai.comreservations.html, this is a hotel bungalow. How we can believe now in your other publications? Perhaps your other posts are false to?. Why not show addresses where this properties are located? because suddenly you would like to appear that the photos and publications are exclusively yours?

  5. Lloyd Kahn says:

    As of today, there are over 3,700 posts on my blog. Once in a while, as here, I can't track down the source, but I gave a link to where it came from. A lot of my posts come from other places because I find them of interest. Why you think I claimed this as my own, or that other posts are "false" is puzzling to say the least. Get a life.

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