Thursday in the Woods

Been swimming in the river each day. Yesterday Louie helped me in making a fur coat out of my animal skins: 2 bobcats, 3 foxes, a raccoon, we’re still undecided about the skunk. His grandfather had been a tailor, so he knew what to do. I put on an old vest, we got the skins in place, then pinned to the vest. Next we’ll get Lesley’s experienced input. It really looks good. Fur (and heads) on the outside. Going to take a while. I’ll only wear it at home.

Pic is my hideout at Louie’s.

One Response to Thursday in the Woods

  1. Anonymous says:

    pretty nice hideout…has lots of soul. you are lucky to have such opportunity, however, likely you have made your own luck..

    look forward to seeing the coat..

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