State of the Blog -- Eureka!! -- Course Correction

Rolling down the road on this trip, I realized that I’ve been putting up less personal posts (my own discoveries wandering through the world) lately and more 3rd-party stuff.

   Each morning I go out and check email and blog comments first thing, then post what’s of interest — a lot of tiny homes, gardening stuff. Then I don’t get around to posting my own photos and reports — both of which there are many — and having you readers ride shotgun with me. After all, I Am A Camera.)

   I’ve got a logjam backup of content — so I’ve decided to try posting something of my own each day (pic and/or text). I’ll start by calling it The Daily Flash (may be able to give it better title). I’m thinking more shorter posts interspersed with the same type daily 3rd-party posts I’ve been doing lately. Hey, aren’t attention spans shorter all the time? (Just occurs to me this is slightly analogous to current discoveries of the value of shorter, more frequent exercise.)

   A course correction in this seeming compulsion I have to communicate. Here we go.

3 Responses to State of the Blog -- Eureka!! -- Course Correction

  1. Anonymous says:

    is all good, Lloyd,
    having said that, is nice to hear of your goings on…

    Daily Flash sounds good…
    sort of a cross between
    Daily Flash of Camera
    Daily Flash of Inspiration

  2. As you go, so goes your blog. Happy to be in the shot gun seat.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I understand the impulse to just "reblog," because there is so much fascinating stuff out there. But I, for one, would definitely be sad if this blog became predominantly that and your own personal experiences / pov / voice were "phased out." I come here because you're my hero, as corny as that sounds it is true!

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