They are thick on this part of the coast this week. Apparently the krill are here, the bait fish eating them, and the salmon eating the bait fish. These guys had just brought in maybe 35 fish, in the 15-25 lb. range. A friend of Louie’s had caught over 50 a few days earlier. What a start to the commercial season! I learned a lot watching these fishermen cleaning salmon. They were taking them to a jobber in Fort Bragg. Getting $5/lb. whole (gutted) fish.

I asked one guy why he thought they were back, he said maybe because they had the season closed for four years. I said what about all the work done on the rivers in recent years, he said I don’t know, but God has just put these fish out in the ocean this year.

Louie and I had barbecued salmon with Titsch and Rosario last night. It’s so different when eaten the day of catch!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    my gosh.. would so love to see one of these "for real"…

    have bought the odd whole salmon, either fr grocery store/organic store..


    gotta tell you the do NOT look like these…ones I have seen are seriously PUNY…

    bet these taste good

    brought to mind, yrs ago, had some home canned fish, from their own caught fish (not even salmon). gosh it was good. bet these fellow would be mighty tasty home canned.

  2. I'm almost drooling. I've had fresh-caught salmon in Alaska and it's just not the same here in the Midwest, even when flown in daily.

  3. Excellent post! I wish I had a week to do nothing but prowl the banks of those big coastal rivers with a rod and reel, hunting for some of the big silverbacks.

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