Daily Flash -- Psychedlia Without Drugs

Last night I was coming back from a trip over the hill and decided to stop at Stinson Beach for a run. The sand is ever-shifting throughout the seasons, and last night there were large dead-flat areas (skimboarders’ delight) at the south end of the beach. The tide was coming in, washing the flat areas with sheets of water that would then recede, leaving huge mirror-like surfaces.

  I got to the end of the beach and on the way back started running on the 1/2″or so of water. Yeow!

   Reflected below and out to the sides were the blue sky,white and grey clouds, even the trees on beach edge — in 3D! I had stepped into an alternate universe, with dimension and movement — like a (3D) movie. I was flying, looking down from a height of say 200 feet, at the clouds and sky below.

   I bow down to the Ocean (and the Universe).

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  1. That is so fabulous. Life can be so magical. We are so blessed.

  2. Just gorgeous, Lloyd. The beaches are flat in my hometown of White Rock, BC, too, and I remember my youngest brother skim-boarding there with his friends.
    They were teenagers then and knew no fear, even when one of them fell and broke his leg. My brother said "Stay right there, I'll get help, don't move!" but the silly kid moved and broke it again. My brother said he heard it break both times, and it sounded terrible. Didn't stop him skim-boarding, though.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So Gorgeous!

  4. cindys says:

    Lloyd! Love your love of life and your attention to the details. Beautiful!

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