Marvin Gaye, "I Heard It Through The Grapevine," A Capella

Ernest Thoreau has left a new comment on your post “On the Road July 2013”:

Here’s a music selection for you if you want it. Marvin Gaye on stage by his lonesome doing Grapevine a capella. It’s haunting. He keeps great rhythm. Uses the silence as much as his voice. And throws down some killer smooth dance steps.

   Seems like they aren’t making as many great pure musicians as they used to.


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  1. Surfsister says:

    I actually love this song. But you know what? I'm going to suggest that this is the original with the vocals isolated. I think he's lip synching. Pay close attention to his lips. At one point, the songs says, "Honey, honey . . . well." His mouth doesn't move when "well" is sung.

    Either way, Marvin Gaye was a giant. I was in college when he died. I still remember being overcome with sadness at the news.

  2. Adam Smith says:

    The line in the song: "Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear." seems apropos. This is his studio vocal take combined with a tv performance which was almost certainly lip synced.

  3. Lloyd Kahn says:

    You guys are right, it is lip synched, but is beautiful singing. It's the voice…Reminds me of his 1974 appearance on Soul Train (half of which is an interview about his comeback) where he circulates amongst the adoring women while lip synching "Let's Get It On."

  4. Surfsister says:

    I'm still glad you posted it. His voice is amazing, isn't it?

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