Inner City Kids Go Surfing

“…Tim Gras, who operates Gras Surfboards and works as a community organizer in underprivileged areas, came up with an idea along with Ian Glover, owner of the Big Dog Surf Camp. Using Glover’s resources and Gras’ access, they arranged a day-at-the-beach surfing trip for a bunch of kids from Sunnydale, the downtrodden San Francisco neighborhood near the Cow Palace.

   Warmington got wind of the project and documented the two men talking to young, inner-city kids about their difficult upbringing: the gunshots, the drugs, the general state of chaos that, as one kid said, “makes you feel like your head’s gonna explode.”

   None of these kids knew anything about surfing, but they happily joined a caravan loaded up with boards and wetsuits. The  result, beautifully captured 
on film, was a super-stoked session that would remind any seasoned surfer
 of that first time in the water, those first waves caught, a feeling
 that really can’t be matched in any other sport.…”

From SFGate, sent us by Bob Kahn

The Sunnydale Kids from Ripple Effect on Vimeo.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks for posting this. makes me feel good about starting the new week.

  2. Jack says:

    Hey Lloyd! Thanks for posting this. I used the video to demonstrate the concept of "social capital" in my Urban Policy class – hopefully my professor sees it the way I did.

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