Daily Flash # 3 - Teched Out

Hey I think I like this. Short and snappy. Quicker, easier more frequent. It’s hard to break the essay habit.

I’ve got about as many digital tools as I need for a good while.

-11″ MacAir

-iPhone 5 (with Seri)

-Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 pocket camera

-Mac Mini hooked up to TV(although I haven’t really started using it yet)

-GOgroove FlexSmart X2 Wireless In-Car Bluetooth

I have an iPad but don’t use it. Can usually get wi-fi connection for MacAir these days. I’ve drifted away from reading books on it.

   I turn on my iPhone only when on the road. I don’t want to be reachable at all times. Lucky that I’m able to do this.

   Like I got a Haut 10′ try-fin Surftek board maybe 8 years ago, and it’s still fine for me. (Went surfing small waves, first time out in 7 months Sunday. Rusty, slow getting up, but the magic’s still there.

Just had a great breakfast at Trink’s in Gualala, now on the MacAir, Etta James singing “Trust in Me,” Come on daddy, face the future, why don’t you smile…

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  1. a full quiver there

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