77-year-old Wooden Sailboat Wins Transpac Race

“…Dorade, considered the forebear of modern ocean racing yachts, won the 2,225-nautical-mile Transpac race from Los Angeles to Honolulu in 1936. And 77 years later, the slender white hull with tall spruce masts rolled to victory again, beating the most modern carbon-fiber ocean racers to win its division and the overall King Kalakaua Trophy.…”

  New York Times article here by Chris Museler, July 25, 2013

3 Responses to 77-year-old Wooden Sailboat Wins Transpac Race

  1. Wow, and she's a beauty, isn't she? I enjoyed the New York Times article. Thanks, Lloyd!

  2. rick jasinski says:

    Fantastic victory by a genuine classic! Ain't nothin like the real thing, baby!

  3. I grow up in the Pacific North West and sailed on the sister ship to the Dorade, the Odyssey a Sea Scout ship. They are both amazing and beautiful ships.

    Thanks Lyoyd, made my day remembering those summer days sailing on the Odyssey.

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