Twigitecture: Building Human Nests

NYTimes article today by Penelope Green, photos by Drew Kelly for The New York Times

BIG SUR — Last week, I spent a night in a nest. Woven from eucalyptus branches, it bloomed high on the side of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Coast Highway, a great whorl of sticks atop four gnarly pillars. The north wind hissed through the gaps in the branches and the fog settled on my face and sleeping bag, but I could see the stars through the nest’s oculus entry and hear the elephant seals miles below honking and braying in a lullaby like no other.…

   Mr. Hefer, whose first name is Willem and who was nicknamed by his brother (“But now I am skinny and he is fat”), came to nest-building after he soured on advertising. “I was looking for a product that was three-dimensional and that actually mattered,” he said.

   He was a fan of Buckminster Fuller and Shelter, the ’70s era counterculture bible of D.I.Y. building, and a keen observer of the indigenous building styles of his country.…”

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