The Rise of the Minimalist Workout

When we first published Getting Back in Shape some 20 years ago, we included minimalist workout programs — stretching, resistance exercise, and cardio activity — for short periods. The 10-minute workout. The idea being that something is better than nothing.

   Just because you don’t have time to run for an hour or go to the gym doesn’t mean you can’t do anything.

   Gretchen Reynolds wrote an article on the New York Times blog this morning on the “new” deal: mini-workouts. Click here.

It made me realize that for many years, we’ve had free online downloads of stretching and workout routines you can do in the office and for short periods of time. Click here. Scroll down to the bottom and choose among these:

•Stretch & Strengthen

•On the Job

•Desk Stretches

•Online Stretches

•Stressed Out Stretches

•Copy Machine Stretches

(I realized that we had some useful fitness material on our website, thus this post.) Some people print out one or more of these and leave them in a desk drawer or on the wall.

Take a break from that keyboard!

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