Spanish Translation of Shelter (1979)

In the ’70s, Shelter was translated into French, German, and Spanish. These photos came in from Bill Steen, who was in Basque country, Spain last week. He and his wife Athena are conducting a series of workshops in Europe on clay and lime wall finishes, detailed carvings, and clay ovens.

Bill wrote: “Juan Luis Herrero and family holding the original copy of Shelter that was released in Spain, 1979, entitled Cobijo, as in comforter, quilt, or cover.  Cool.”

Also cool that the lady on left is holding a copy of Ben Law’s Round Timber Framing, a wondertful book. Ben grows the timber he frames his buildings with and the structures are beautiful. A kindred spirit across the water (UK). (Plus kindred books.)

Cobijo was published by Blume Ediciones, Madrid.

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