Rosina's Homestead in Australia Suburbs

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This isn’t in North America, but still, quite an accomplishment.

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“The Sunshine Coast does have something going for it though – a strong Permaculture community: The Permaculture Noosa group in particular. Rosina has been a member of the group for only eight years, but despite that, her little urban homestead is a great, positive, living example of the work of the individuals that make up the group’s ranks. Her little yard boasts a profusion of edible and/or ornamental plants that all together create a veritable garden of eden in the midst of suburbia. Rosina has managed to transform her property from a bland, generic cookie-cutter type yard into something that’s not only entirely practical, but also highly aesthetic.

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  1. Just a clarification Lloyd, Rosina's a New Zealander now living in Noosa which is on Queensland's Sunshine Coast in Australia…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Sunshine Coast is in Australia – not New Zealand!~

  3. Hey, I know Rosina, she's the mother of a friend of mine! Lovely lady. She visited me a couple years ago:

    By the way, she has since sold the Noosa house and now lives in a retirement village in the NSW Southern Highlands. She's still gardening, and infecting the village with the permaculture idea-virus!

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