Northern California College Offers Tiny Home Building Course

“Old-timers remember Malvina Reynolds’s satiric song, ‘Little Boxes.’ Penned in 1962, the song heralded the coming suburban blight, where poorly constructed houses “were made of ticky-tacky and they all looked the same.”

   How times change. Today, scarce resources and staggering home costs have created a new definition of the “little box” – the Tiny House. And Mendocino College is at the forefront of the movement.

   This summer, the college’s Sustainable Technology program is offering a summer course on Construction Fundamentals and Green Building. The course, taught by Mendocino County native and PhD. Jen Riddell will attempt to build a Tiny House in 15 days…

   Another interesting fact, according to Riddell, is that currently there are no codes that govern the construction of houses on wheels. “Right now, they fall into the category of an RV, so no permits are currently necessary,” she explains. That doesn’t mean that students will be learning sub-standard construction methods, however. “Our Residential Electric class will be doing all the electrical installation,” Walker explains. “It’s building as you go. It’s very nice not having to go to the county if you decide to make a design change mid-stream,” he continues.…”

From Ukiah Daily News, click here.

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  1. Oh, what a wonderful course. Wish I were young enough and strong enough.
    I am, however, no longer young. I definitely remember the song about the houses made of ticky-tacky, "a blue one and a green one, and a pink one and a yellow one" … "and they all looked just the same."
    Instant suburbs were a far cry from this century's Tiny House movement which has seen the horrors of over-consumption and over-building, and wants to get back to simplicity before we over-consume ourselves out of existence.

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