Kim Is Rebuilding Her Fire-Destroyed Tiny House

From Dee Williams today (what a nice video!):

“Hey, I hope you are doing well and enjoying this roll toward summer!
  Hopefully, I’ll see you at the tiny house fair in Vermont… and if not, sometime soon.

   Last summer I sent out an email to try to encourage folks to contribute to Kim Langston’s rebuild of her little house.  As you might remember, her house was destroyed in a fire last year.  The cool thing is that this summer, she’s going to rebuild!  This is it!…”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    now's here some interesting, especially using Horse Manure to Plaster a house…gotta wonder about that…

    Small Cabin Made from Salvage
    Outside Plastered with Earthen Plaster Made from
    Clay – Sand – Horse Manure…
    Now Never have heard of that Last Ingredient
    part of the agrarian community of Silk Hope, NC, just outside of Siler City. – nvr heard of these folk either
    Ethan Hayes-Chute's Quirky Wooden Shacks

    Homes with Soul

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, gosh darn, had no idea what all dung was apparently used for.

    Goodness…. Was looking for info on horse dung plaster, and look see here…
    For sure this would not have occurred to me..

    1. Lime-ash floor – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎
    o Cached
    In areas where gypsum was common they were known as plaster floors. … third well sifted coal ashes and one third loamy clay and horse dung from grasses'".
    Organic breathable wall plasters.
    Clay, lime and horse dung floors and wall plasters.
    Most ecological material was local horse manure that was used to smooth a special plaster

    And more here on dung in various plasters

    and there seemed to be a whole lot more..

    i am amazed what i have learned/read, since starting your blog. for sure did not ever imagine this one.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Lloyd,maybe you know about this, but thought you might like to see one more blogger who enjoys your work

  4. Anonymous says:

    came across this, interesting small houses/ interesting architectural school..likely you already know about it..
    check out that video at the bottom..

    check on google images
    Taliesin Student Shelters

    some nice "small homes"

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