Home Made Helicopter and Homemade Jeep with Bicycle Wheels

I was poking around on the blog Root Simple — Low Tech Home Tech the other day and came across a post titled “Saturday Linkages: I’m tired of doom, let’s garden and make things…” It was a great bunch of links, including these two inventions in Africa (apparently the helicopter hasn’t really made any substantial flights yet, but, hey…).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey Lloyd,good stuff…had a partial looksee.

    so far went through some of the "flying machines" links..

    did you get to the one where he talks about airplane and VW engine?

    You need to track this fellow down and let him know, "back in the 70's' was NOT the stoneage.

    first he talks about there likely wouldnt be a photo, cause it was back in the 70's,
    then he reinforces how ancient that is

    "pictures of this plane, though I’m doubtful of there being any as this happened in the 70′s"

    SHEESH, I am in my mid fifties, and wanta "tune him in"…

    Young Whippersnapper

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