Flat Earth Kayak Sails

From Godfrey Stephens this morning. If I had an ocean kayak, I’d sure get a sail. Hmmm…wonder if one of these would work on my 12′ aluminum boat. Use the wind when it’s there.


From Anthem cafe in Puyallup, overcast warm Monday morning. I’m getting ready to spend a day doing one of my favorite things: driving on unfamiliar country roads looking for barns to photograph. I love small American towns. It’s good for us coastal sophisticates to get out into the Other America once in a while.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Today I made a lovely road trip from Lawrence to Hiawatha on 59 north and 159 north. Rolling and lush and as rural as you might want. There seems to be a slow revitalization of some of the small burgs here. The young may once have left in droves but apparently many are moving back to enjoy a slower pace and a lot more space.

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