Coffee Huts as Tiny Houses

“Each time I see a coffee hut by the side of the road, I not only get a craving for caffeine, but I wonder if some of these structures can be turned into a tiny house. Many of them are already on wheels and are the perfect size for living in. Some coffee huts are not affixed to a trailer, but are still small enough to be moved to a new location for a smaller life with a much smaller price tag than many tiny homes.…”

By Christina Nellemann on Tiny House Blog here.

3 Responses to Coffee Huts as Tiny Houses

  1. If there is coffee there it's already a home…

  2. Anonymous says:

    pranaglider ….well said..grin.

    all in all, it seems very well constructed/sturdy, on the outside. and with the nice large window, likely airy and light inside. seems like it would make a good home.

  3. Amazing! I've just added Owner/Barista to my life plan!

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