Chop Chop Compost

From Darren (Green Change) 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    pretty effective.

    the sugar cane, with sugar still in it, adds weight to something i was told.

    i used to buy my carrots and potatoes fr a nice, rural lady, (pretty well organic type), and she (after i knew her a long time), let me in on a secret, someone had let her in on. she made her own compost, and added to the potatos and carrots. each time she added a little sugar. she was sure this was the secret to why they tasted SO GOOD. ..

    i was surprised then, and surprised now..i would have thought the sugar and the sugar cane both would have just attracted ants..

    however, in both cases it seems to work.

  2. Thanks Lloyd :-).

    It's fairly common advice here to add some molasses to a bucket of water, and use that to wet down your compost pile when you first make it. The sugar gives the yeasts and other microorganisms a kick-start, feeding them so they'll breed up quickly and begin working on breaking down the pile.

    I like Rosina's approach for a suburban garden, but am currently looking for an old-style chaff cutter to process larger quantities.

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