2nd Day At Mother Earth News Fair

The “Half Acre Homestead”presentation went well. Preaching to choir. This is Cheryl Long, editor of The Mother Earth News introducing me. I’m always nervous for these things. Mostly that something technical will go wrong, and sure enough, I forgot the connector of my MacAir to a normal projector, put the slide show on a key drive, fired it up, and it woudn’t work properly. Luckily, Chris McClellan had his natural bldg. materials booth nearby, and he figured it out. Whew! It used to be so simple when I lugged around Kodak Carousel projectors with slides.

   Links for all the tools I showed are at: https://www.shelterpub.com/_homestead/tools.html

I’m going to write up about maybe a dozen tools or products I discovered at the fair — when I get the, aha, time. Such good stuff, all super relevant to the life I’m leading now.

  Right now I’m heading out to barn country.

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