Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100

On Saturday, I got up early and went to Palo Alto prior to going to the Maker Faire. The reason: going to Keeble & Schuchat Photography to check out the new Olympus OM-D E-M5 16MP 4/3, which my friend Bill Steen had just got and was raving about. Since I could use all the lenses I currently have for my Panasonic Lumix G1, I was interested in the much less shutter lag of the Olympus.

   I’ve been dealing with Gary at K&S for years, and he bas guided me in pretty much all the cameras I’ve been using of late. During the course of our conversation, I took out my Canon Powershot S110, with which I shoot most of my pictures, and asked if there was (yet) any camera in this class. Yes, there was, and I ended up getting the new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100, a powerful and innovative little camera, about the size of the Powershot, but with significant advantages: a Leica lens, a sensor that is 4 times that of the Powershot, a great panorama function, and other features.

   This will be, as was the Powershot, the camera I have on me in a fanny pack most of the time.
I’m willing to pay a little more at a “bricks and mortar” store as opposed to Amazon. Here, I would never have known about this camera by rooting around on Amazon. It’s worth something.
Most of my photos that will appear here in the future (starting next week) will have been shot with this camera.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A fantastic little unit Lloyd. Great choice. I had also been a Canon Powershot follower until having the chance to experiment with one for myself.

    Thought id share with you these two short clips taken my first day playing with the RX100 video capture mode.

    Primitive Pond Ice Curling from this winter in Groton, Mass.

    Be sure to switch viewing to HD and marvel at the pan/focus/tracking capabilities of objects in motion. I was pleasantly surprised.

    Nate T

  2. The lens is branded Carl Zeiss, not Leica…

  3. Anonymous says:

    all this talk about cameras…and it suddenly occurs to me, Lloyd, it might be fun if you were to wear a few (different types) of those wearable cameras….Then, if you ever got around to making some videos, you'd have real-time clips to put in.


  4. Anonymous says:

    check out the site offers solid reviews on the latest in photography & your new sony had a great review

  5. Anonymous says:

    Three cheers for local stores with knowledgeable staff!

  6. This is an extremely popular camera and with good reason. One thing that stinks is that it is slippery. Richard Franiec makes a really sweet little aluminium grip that fixes that and is worth every penny:

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