Memphis Jug Band - Going Back to Memphis (1930)

I fiddled around with playing the jug (as well as ukulele and washtub bass) in high school. I have a box bass (sort of a wooden washtub bass) and a jug in the office these days. Often, when I hear something on the radio, I’ll play along on the box bass. I feel like I’m in the band.

Or, once in a while I’ll put on the Memphis Blues Band or Gus Cannon and His Jug Stompers and play along on my jug. I’ve tried out dozens of jugs, and this brown ceramic one has the best tone.

    The Memphis Jug Band is, they say in liner notes, was “…the best jug band ever recorded.” I was stunned when I first heard them (courtesy of my friend Louie). It was all so — familiar. They’re part of blues history that not many people know about. Interesting that they preceded Robert Johnson. 

Going Back To Memphis by Memphis Jug Band on Grooveshark

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