Manhattan Monday

Got to my hotel around 8AM Sunday, no room available, so I walked over to the Le Pain Quotidien bakery/ cafe (wonderful chain with farm tables, country kitchen ambience), had a Belgian waffle and latte, then took off on foot for the Museum of Natural History.

   25 years of trail running has given me certain mobility skills negotiating busy streets and crowded sidewalks. I think of it as ballet. I jaywalk at every opportunity (which most pedestrians do not, surprisingly, do here in Manhattan). If I have to rush to get across an intersection and have my backpack on, I do a sort of shuffling run.

   The city is in a good mood. This organism that is Manhattan definitely has its moods, depending on weather, world affairs, planetary influence, and other intangibles. Check out this lovely little park on the Lower East Side; birds were singing loudly in the trees:

Houston Hall, 200 block on West Houston
“Homeless” tiny home city reality:
All his gear in cart at right. The guy was inside the darker blue tarp.
Could hear him talking. Privacy.
What ingenuity!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice to see! Thanks for posting, Lloyd.
    I love Manhattan but it's been a while and it's fun to see through your posts.

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