Louie's Sailboat Comes Down to Sausalito

My friend Louie recently sold his sailboat, the Roy Fox, to his friend Bill, and last week, Louie, Bill, and Titsch sailed the boat from Bodega Bay down the coast to Sausalito. Actually, they motored all the way, leaving Bodega at sunset in order to come under the Golden gate Bridge with an incoming tide. When I met them in Mill Valley, they been up all night, freezing, and were wind burned and wiped out.


 We had dinner at Frantoio’s; I’d seen the restaurant, but never been there before. Not only is the food great, but a feature at this very Italian restaurant is a giant olive press for making olive oil. During olive pressing season, the press operates night and day, so customers can watch the magic of oil coming from olives while having dinner.

   With a bottle of Pinot Noir, the hardship of 20 sleepless hours at sea faded into memory, and we had a great dinner.

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