Flat-Pack Urinal: Composing Straw Bale for Outdoor Events

When I was hitchhiking in France (in 1957), a truck driver that had given us a ride stopped, got out of his truck, walked over to a fence by the side of the road, and took a piss. So simple; why not? He was facing away from traffic, unit not visible. In this country (or the UK), it’s not de rigueur for some reason. The French don’t seem to have that Puritan body-as-shameful attitude.

   Here, from Mike W., is a great alternative to toxic chemical toilets for males (at least for urine) at outdoor events. Totally makes sense. Save that nitrogen!

   “It is inefficient and unsustainable to haul human waste back in from remote festivals and other places typically populated with port-a-potties. So why not use on-hand materials to make something simple and green?

   Thus L’Uritonnoir by Faltazi which turns an everyday farm item into a urinal by means of simple funnels attached on various sides and connected via a loop running around the perimeter. The composted results can be recycled right back into the local land. …”

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14 Responses to Flat-Pack Urinal: Composing Straw Bale for Outdoor Events

  1. Gill says:

    Neat idea… just make sure there's not an electric fence running thru or near it.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Public urination in Texas leads to jail and possible addition to a sex offender list.

  3. Anonymous says:

    well, okay, maybe i am a bumpkin, but aren't those "troughs' angled the wrong direction?????

    other than that, seems like a good idea…

    had friends who had a largish party, put a spout in a house behind the garden shed…Hose ran off to greenspace..

  4. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Looks to me like they're attached at the top, and drain is at bottom…Funnel and hose great idea.

  5. Anonymous says:

    yes…i did click through to the site, and finally realised how they are set up..

    saw this type of thing on some other festival site, and they said it worked very well to degrade the straw bales into excellent mulch/fertilizer…and highly recomended…

    they too, talked about the one draw back being the "spouts", non bio degradeable..

    since this is for short duration, might something made of light wood, be suitable, then it would degrade?

  6. Anonymous says:

    good grief, now something must be manufactured to pee?

    and to think that the last pissoirs were removed from Paris decades ago – the stench and puddles along with

  7. Anonymous says:

    check this out, now the British Gov't is also endorsing this…


  8. Anonymous says:

    my gosh, this really is catching on….however, i suspect my neighbours would be phoning the authorities (police/mental folks/etc) if my family and guests availed ourselves of this free garden treatment..


  9. Anonymous says:

    when I was in Belgium, I used to see guys by the side of the road using the 'hand over' method.. Thumb towards stomach over top as that hides any 'appendage' view..

    Mike W

  10. Anonymous says:

    well….i grew up with fellows off to "checking the tires"…being female, and at times gullible, it took me quite a few years before i understood what was up. ….then as a teen off on a few double dates, it was the joke of the trip to speed up and take off (only a short ways) as one of the fellows was "checking the tires"..grin

  11. Carol says:

    They do that at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales. Photo in my book, Liquid Gold.

  12. Uritonnoir says:

    Hello Carol !
    I ordered your book! I look forward ! The idea of ​​uritonnoir came from a visit at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales.

    Laurent (Uritonnoir team)

  13. Anonymous says:

    well, here is a article claiming urine is great for tomatos and other plants.


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