Want to Pass Out Some Mini Books?

We just did our 4th printing of these 2″ X 2-1/2″ mini Tiny Homes books (32 pages); now over 20,000 in print. If you would like a bunch to give away (children love them), we’ll send you a batch (say 10, 20, or 30). Send yr. address, # of mini books you want, to tinyhomes@shelterpub.com, and we’ll ship to you. The very best type of advertising for Tiny Homes, which has now sold over 40,000 real size (9″ X 12″) copies. We hope for them be given out to kids, plus people who will spread the word.

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  1. Richard says:

    Hi Lloyd, I asked before and I'm going to ask again (guess I'm banking on the effects of good old pester power) I'd love to have some of these out in England? I'd even pay postage if you wanted me to?

    21 Westleigh Road
    Glen Parva
    LE2 9TP
    United Kingdom

    Thanks, Richard Heath

  2. zwango says:

    Sure! I'd love to!
    Matt Miller
    Champaign Urbana, IL

  3. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Richard, Yep, we'll send.

  4. nature57 says:

    I would love to give some out here in S.Florida, how many you would like to send is find…Anita Kimbrough-Sharpe 4101 SW 52nd Ct. Apt.W Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314…Blessings, Anita

  5. yarapa says:

    Hi Lloyd,

    I'm another Heath asking again. I'd love to have some tiny Books to pass out here in Southern Illnois. I didn't hear from the first requests so I'm not sure if they made it through the electronic world. Anyway I'd love to have 10 to 20 books to pass out. There are lots of innovative folks around the Southern Illinois University area. Even Bucky Fuller used to teach here.

    Steve Heath, 1675 New Hope Rd Buncombe, Il 62012

  6. Teri says:

    I would love to have 30 tiny books to distribute here in Northern Calif. (Sonoma Co.).
    Thank you!
    Teri Foster
    17130 Hwy 116
    Guerneville, CA 95450

  7. Emily Asad says:

    OH MY GOSH! This would REALLY work well for my students! I teach high school English, and we often research tiny homes as a way to track the American Dream (as well as my ulterior motive to brainwash one of them into becoming a politician who will support the Tiny House Movement.) PLEASE send me as MANY as you can – I'll even pay for 125 if you like. At the very least, could you send me 36 for my 2 classes? Email me for my school address, please!

    Emily Asad

  8. yarapa says:

    WOW! They arrived! Smiles and laughter everywhere they went. Thank you Lloyd.

    Steve Heath

  9. Anonymous says:

    Love and live small here in Arkansas.
    10 books please to :
    Deb Davis
    P.O.Box 13
    Norfork, AR 72658
    Deb Davis

  10. Anonymous says:

    Would you send me 30 Tiny House books? My mind just won't stop thinking of all the people (mainly kids) that these books would impact!
    Jody Maxfield
    2929 Mahaska Ave
    Des Moines, IA

  11. Hi Lloyd….i had emailed shelterpub almost a month ago requesting a small number of your tiny books and also included a pic of my own tiny house which you posted on this blog, (thank you very much, i was thrilled to see it here). But to date haven't rec'd anything, so wished to check and make sure i hadn't been lost in the shuffle.



  12. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Send address to tinyhomes@shelterpub.com and we'll send the minis.

  13. Will do, Lloyd…thanks a bunch and keep on blogging


  14. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the books!Can't wait to hand them out to our homeschool group!

  15. still no happy arrival of any mini-books…i suppose a third request would approximate whining…so i best not.

  16. Kirk says:

    Got my mini-books..and more than i had originally asked for…i'll find good homes for all of them.

    Thank you, Lew and Lloyd


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