To the Beach With The Boys

And I do mean boys. The Plichta brothers, ages 9 and 11, are my youngest friends. Going on a hike with them, as I did last night, is like having radar and sonar for anything on the ground, in the air, or in the water. Like a heightened sense of perception. They notice everything, last night a beetle, a termite, a snake “Shall I catch it?” “No.” “Look how the sunlight lights up this pine tree bud.” What’s this?” about innumerable objects. They’re into bones and feathers and anything that moves (or used to move). Once they called me over excitedly in the parking lot to see a dried and squashed gopher. They joke a lot. Last night they noticed how the frogs stopped singing when we got close. Here they are inspecting the driftwood sauna structure built by Dylan on the beach.

They picked right up on this minimalist rock/wood project someone had left on the beach. On the way back we stared at the just-sinking sun on the horizon, hoping for the green flash, but it didn’t happen.

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  1. yarapa says:

    Nothing beats the eye of a kid for seeing the world fresh and fun. A pair of goofy boys are great tour guides and their laughter is as joyous as frog songs. What great fun for all you kids

  2. This post reminded me of the joy of adventures with my nieces when they were similar ages to "the boys". Doesn't it re-awaken the sense of wonder in you?

    Thought of your interests when I read this article about space in the Globe and Mail this morning: Enjoy!

    We are bracing for a winter storm of freezing rain, I bet you aren't! ;-}

  3. Anonymous says:

    I see one of your many secrets for staying young!

  4. Anonymous says:

    nice of you to pass on your attitude to these fellows…suspect some day they too will pay it forward.

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