Seaweed +Immersion at Beach / Dave McKenna on Radio

Went on long beach walk, collected this nice mass of nutrients for compost pile. I love to combine walking with bringing something home — driftwood, mussels, clams, mushrooms, cattail pollen, Today was windy, glary at ocean, but I found a sort of protected cove with a shallow pool, and immersed. Hoo — cold! But as soon as I was out, the chi was mos def higher.

   In the car, heard Terry Gross replay of interview with pianist Dave McKenna. In the studio, he played Thanks For the Memories, it was beautiful. Could not locate it on GrooveShark, but here is another by him, below.

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  1. Add a nice cup of java at the end of the walk, and it's perfect! Do you grind up that potpourri of stuff when you compost, or just mulch it in like that? Somehow that pile makes a very satisfying image. Deeply psychological!

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