North House Folk School

If only I didn’t live so far away from The North House Folk School, I’d be hanging around there a lot. The number of classes they have is amazing. Birchbark canoes, blacksmithing, tool making, timber framing, fiber arts, on and on. I’m just looking at one page, and I’d take the class on making a crooked knife, and another on sharpening. They are in the northwest corner of Minnesota, on Lake Superior, up Highway 61 (yes, that same Highway 61 — “…7th mother, 7th son…”) from Duluth.

   Get their catalog if you like making things with your hands (or if you have kids who want to learn some hand-made skills):

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  1. El Gaucho says:

    I moved to Grand Forks, North Dakota, just a half day drive from Duluth. The North House Folk School is fully on my radar for a class or two this summer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i understand the above is made for practical purposes…(keep one's feet dry when moving over water..grin),
    however, myself, i for sure would hang it in my home as amazing art/craftsmanship/technique/beauty….

    ah well, i really love stuff like that, all seems to me like it should be in an Art Museum

  3. Sam Cahill says:

    They sell Shelter in their bookstore. Got my copy there on the way back from a trip to the Boundary Waters maybe 10 years ago. Like most extant copies of the book, it's been paged through and dog-eared almost to death now.

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