Mini Bikers

I walked down to the beach Friday afternoon, and these two little guys were racing around on their tiny bikes. They were really hitting it, pumping madly (a la scooter pumping — no pedals), careening back and forth as they barreled like mini BMX racers. Having such fun. Made me think of the title of one of George Greenough’s films, “The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun.”

They were twins, 4 years old, one named Harry, and I told their dad, shown here, that they were going to be killer mountain bike riders.

Then I gave them 2 mini copies of Tiny Homes, and they zeroed in. Boy, if we can catch the attention of 4 year olds, we’re doing something right.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ahhhh…..don't it all just make you smile…and SMILE…

  2. Killer pants there kids!

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