Lighthouse for Sale in Chesapeake Bay

Offered for sale about 3 months ago. Don’t know if it ever sold, but what an exciting place to live..

“Unlike other lighthouses, the Wolf Trap Light Station is not firmly anchored to a rocky shore, but set out in Chesapeake Bay. Built in 1894, the Mathews lighthouse is a “caisson-style” lighthouse, which means it was constructed to withstand ice flows and whatever else the Atlantic Ocean throws that way.… The property also includes a waterfront property on shore, which is used for a landing to go back and forth to the lighthouse.… The home measures about 1,500 square feet, says Pierce, with five floors, including the top floor, which contains the light.…”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    well…mmm it seems rather interesting…for – I get seasick…tough going back and forth..

    too, the price seems rather outrageous..249,000

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