Ike & Tina Turner - On The Road: 1971-72

Big night for me last night. After months of study and procrastination, I finally have a computer hooked up to the house TV. A Mac Mini, wireless keyboard with trackpad, and I have, like a trained monkey, learned to go between computer, TV, and DVD player. I wanted the computer rather than a “smart TV,” so as to have the full monty of options (not be limited by a smart TVs functionality).


Rick set it up and walked me through it, and last night I gingerly went into Amazon Prime and found: “Ike & Tina Turner – On The Road: 1971-72.”

   It’s grainy and handheld, like a home movie, and I was mesmerized. OMG! What a beautiful woman! Tina and the girls together – dancing and singing are just hi voltage — stunning. The roughness of the documentary is comfortable, you feel like you’re there. The photography is non-intrusive. The band, I mean Ike may have been a mean son of a bitch, but what a band! (“Proud Mary” is a great album of Ike and Tina’s, with chronological order of songs.) Tina is shown cooking, talking, rehearsing with the girls, she’s down to earth.

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  1. acep hale says:

    Thanks for this tip because I love Ike and Tina. The beginning to the Stones Gimme Shelter documentary where Ike and Tina are opening for them is amazing, I've never wanted to be a microphone more in my life.

  2. Anonymous says:

    good going on the computer stuff..sigh…better than me..i do not take naturally to "that" stuff

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you call the women "girls" are you willing to call the men "boys"?

  4. Anonymous says:

    sigh…sigh…to Anonymous…just my guess, but i would suggest "most likely"…yes..the men would be referenced as "boys"…my Dad, now long gone, loved to tell stories of his very early/ very hard working days, farm/logging camp/etc etc… i recal as a child listening to him spin his yarns, and wondering why he referenced grown men as "boys"…. just a function of the time..

  5. Anonymous says:

    oh that IKE! whatta BLACK MANN!

    beating the crap outa that woman! yeah! that be sumpthin to celebrate! wit lloyd!

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