Hunt, Gather, Cook

Over the years I’ve looked at a number of books on hunting, fishing, and foraging, but this turns out to be my favorite. The first sentence: “We live in an edible world.”

   There is good info on things like aging game birds, gutting and skinning a deer, even how to get started hunting. Netting herring — an annual ritual in NorCal. For the boatless, it can be practiced from shore with a cast net, 5-gallon bucket, and hip boots). Clams, rock crabs, rock fish. How to kill eels with salt (almost impossible otherwise), manzanita cider, madrone bark tea. Making sausage from wild boar, eating squirrels, (there’s a bluegrass song, “Why Would Anyone Eat Beef When They Can Have squirrel?,” and recipes for everything.

   Along these lines — for those living in the San Francisco Bay Area — Kirk Lombard takes people out fishing, foraging, and seaweed collecting and teaches you how to smoke salmon and prepare what is caught or gathered. There’s a post here on why the 2013 salmon season in the Bay Area looks to be bountiful, for the first time in 5 years.

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