Schoolhouse Home on Coast in Nova Scotia

“Owning a school has been an important goal for my teacher/prof partner for many years. We moved closer to her dream when we acquired this lovely 55 acre property in Nova Scotia. Then, our search for a movable school led to this 1875 school house. The school house had been turned into a store and later a storage shed. It was located a few miles away.

The photos tell the story of the tear down, move, rebuild and the now nearly finished schoolhouse. Note, the school house, in 1875, cost $750 completely constructed and furnished! It is now a treasure beyond measure to us.…”

From Tiny House blog here.

2 Responses to Schoolhouse Home on Coast in Nova Scotia

  1. Rich says:

    Very cool! Nice job on the restoration and conversion to a house.

  2. Wow. (Of course, anything is going to look good against that backdrop!)
    Must check out the photos.

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