Porch Made From Pallet Wood

“…The planning stage is my favorite part of any project, and this porch was no exception: I thought about an upgrade for some years before we finally decided how we wanted to fix it. When someone gave us a slue of pallets, we had our solution: Fix the porch with pallet wood. Most folks, when they first see our pallet-wood porch, think we just laid whole pallets on the porch. Well, no, that’s not how it happened: My husband laboriously and patiently took the pallets apart and de-nailed the boards. Then he planed them.…”

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2 Responses to Porch Made From Pallet Wood

  1. Justin says:

    Ahem. A very cool project, but please forgive me for inserting a minor correction:

    1. To turn (something) on an axis; rotate: slued the swivel chair around; sluing the boom of a crane.
    2. To turn sharply; veer: braked and slued the car around.

    A large amount or number; a lot: a slew of unpaid bills.

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