Micro Cabins of Recycled Lumber by Charles Finn

From yesterday’s Oregon Live, one of Charles Finn’s cabins on wheels.

“The cabins’ size, he says, is chosen for ease of transport. The cabins can be left on the trailer or moved onto a foundation. The fully insulated cabins are equipped with, among other things, a wood stove for heating and a two-burner propane stove for cooking, and a pair of oil lamps. Doors and windows are reclaimed or handmade; the metal roof has a skylight, and the interiors are all wood, “of mixed species,” he says.

   They have neither electricity nor running water. He writes, “And trust me on this, you won’t miss them. In fact, you will come to relish not having them. Hang out on even one snowy night with the wood fire going and oil lamps burning and you’ll see what I mean.”

   The price varies, but he gives a ballpark figure of about $14,000, not including the trailer.…”

Charles’ work was included in Tiny Homes (pp. 174-75). His website here.

“Always with 100% Reclaimed Lumber​ from Heritage Timber”

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  2. This small cabin is looking really very beautiful with a small window.

  3. This is such a darling, little cabin! I love the blue color. I love that he made it all from recycled materials. It's the perfect little size for just one or two people. It seems like the perfect getaway!


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