Japanese Architect's 120 Treehouses

“Takashi Kobayashi, a self-taught designer, carpenter and architect of 120 amazing tree houses in Japan — some are sleek and modern cubes, some are fairy-tale cottages…”

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2 Responses to Japanese Architect's 120 Treehouses

  1. Staroid says:

    A treehouse is only deserving of the name if it is supported by trees. Then, when attatching to a live tree, you have to be careful not to damage it. One has to consider the growth of the tree, which happens under the bark, in the cambrian layer as the trunk gets wider.
    So you can't tie around it, or you'll strangle the tree. What is left is to peirce the trunk with nails or other devices, and allow for the expansion.
    The main force to grapple with is the wind, which whips the upper part of the tree wildly back and forth in a good strong breeze. Stuctures in multiple trees creek alot in a wind, and if you have something up in just one tree, be careful it doesn't uproot!

  2. Very cute but not a solution for living in. But to read a book and drink some tea – perfect.

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