Emerald Mossy Fairy House

By Sally J. Smith

“…The Emerald Mossy Fairy House was a relatively large construction built on a woodlands trail. It took a week to build… 2 of those days were spent gathering the stones and bringing them in to the site. The large mossy boulder-cliff already looked like a house in Sally’s eyes…”it just needed a little encouraging to bring it out!” A Weeping Willow twig branch was twisted and woven to make the large window. A shelf fungus was found nearby and used as an awning to protect the entrance-way. A small dormer room was added later. The stone walling portion is approx 30 inches high.…”

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Thanks to Fred Weisenborn

5 Responses to Emerald Mossy Fairy House

  1. Hey Lloyd. thought you and your blog readers might be interested in the plight of another tiny house builder, Charlie, and his retrospective planning approval struggle. How could they even think of demolishing this beautiful little house? http://naturalhomes.org/save-charlies-house.htm

  2. Anonymous says:

    would be sacrilegious..sure hope it does not happen.

    inside of home is work of art…sad what regulations might destroy

  3. Anonymous says:

    facebook page of house threatened to be destroyed

  4. DJ says:

    Thanks for sharing the news about Charlie's house. I hope all the handbuilt-home fans write to the Pembrokeshire council.

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